Binturong: a history of gadget – part one

Malaysian are turning Facebook into a wildlife market place, driving an illegal trade in iconic animals, a recent report from TRAFFIC says. A monitoring over 5 months of 14 Facebook groups in Malaysia has found that 300 wild animals were on sale as pets. Among the other species, TRAFFIC found the Binturong (Arctictis binturong). But, what is a binturong ? This mammal is poorly known from an ecological point of view. And the species is cut out to be an iconic one. This turns into the fact  that binturong has no place in glamorous documentaries or in tv series about tropical forests. And the more a species is absent from screen the more are the possibilities that we will loose it without a sufficient knowledge of his real ecology. Greg McCann ( he has worked fo Habitat Id NGO ) has a long experience in tracking elusive species in Asian tropical forests; Greg has provided me of two fanstatic photos of binturong in Virachey national park, Cambodia. Here we start discussing about binturong –



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